Nondo Kenya


Urgent Action Fund Africa Project

Project title: Covid 19 Rapid Response Grant

Project year: 2021-2022.

Thematic area: Socio-economic empowerment.

Project area: Isiolo & Marsabit

Project summary

The project goal was to increase the participation of women with disabilities in the prevention and contraction of COVID-19. The project aimed to improve access to information and communication strategies for women with disabilities in nomadic and ASAL (arid and semi-arid land) counties. The project achieved a number of outcomes, including the distribution of 400 pieces of clothing (lessos) with information on COVID-19 prevention to women with disabilities in remote areas, which led to a lack of recorded COVID-19 fatalities among these beneficiaries. Additionally, the project provided one-off food distribution to 400 households of women with disabilities, and supported the diversification of existing businesses owned by women with disabilities. The project also strengthened advocacy efforts and increased funding for the organization of women with disabilities.