Nondo Kenya

Project title: The intrinsic cost of corruption to pastoralist Persons With Disabilities.

Intrinsic cost of corruption to pastoralist pwds

Project year: 2019-2021

Supported by Ford Foundation

Project Area: Marsabit and Turkana

Project summary

The project objective to generate evidence on the negative impact of corruption on pastoralist persons with disabilities (PWDs) and to develop effective measures to combat corruption.

Key outcomes

  • Conducted a baseline survey to establish the extent to which PWDs in Turkana and Marsabit pastoralist communities have been impacted on by corruption
  • Empowered pastoralist PWDs with information and reporting paths to take action against corruption and to influence policy changes to address corruption and reduce its costs to pastoralist PWDs
  • Raised awareness of corruption and its impact on pastoralist PWDs, as well as efficient approaches to addressing it through community radio, social media and community forums