Nondo Kenya

Fatuma Mohamed
Executive Director

Fatuma Mohamed is a highly skilled professional who has extensive experience in managing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating programs. Her key focus is on promoting disability inclusion in socio-economic and political spheres. She has worked her way up from programs to her current position as the Executive Director of the Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons' Organization (NONDO).

Fatuma is a passionate advocate for the rights, inclusion, and participation of Persons with Disabilities, with a particular interest in women. She is skilled in communicating and engaging with stakeholders on this issue. Apart from her professional responsibilities, Fatuma is also passionate about promoting people branding and wellness. This reflects her broader interest in creating positive change and promoting well-being in her community.

Overall, Fatuma is a dedicated and highly skilled professional who is making a meaningful impact in the field of disability inclusion. In her free time, she enjoys nature travel, exploration, reading, journaling, and mentoring others, especially persons with disabilities.

Linda Siguna
Finance Officer

Linda Siguna is an accomplished and seasoned accounting and finance professional. She has over 7 years experience having worked in both the profit and non-profit organizations where she has gathered an array of skills and experience including but not limited to handling & accounting for donor funded projects, auditing and financial management. She is passionate about serving and advocating for the rights and inclusion of the marginalized in society.

Serah Muthoni
Administration Officer

Serah Muthoni procurement officer by professional from The management University of Africa. Serah has over 5 years of work experience as Admin and procurement officer having worked at Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons Organization for last 6 years.