Nondo Kenya


OSIEA Project

Project title: Emergency Response to Covid-19 among Persons with Disability in Kenya.  Project year: 2020-2021

Thematic area: Governance/ Socio-economic empowerment.

Project area: All the 47 counties.

Project Summary

The project focus areas were to provide accessible information to Persons with disabilities and health workers; provide households for persons with disabilities with opportunities to improve their economic income to cushion during curfew and possible lockdowns and to advocate for inclusive information during National live coverages on COVID-19. 

The goal of the project was to demonstrate the importance of accessible information to Persons with Disabilities as a way of inclusion during emergency response.  The project was developed around Disability Caucus to ensure meaningful participation of Persons with Disabilities during the Covid- 19 period that is, preventive, education and socio-economic inclusion as key in reducing the spread of COVID-19. 

The project developed and distributed information, education, and communication (IEC) materials in various local languages to help increase awareness and understanding of COVID-19. These materials were targeted at specific groups such as health care workers and police officers, and were strategically placed in relevant locations such as health care facilities and police stations. Additionally, community radio stations were utilized to disseminate information about COVID-19. 

To reach a wider audience, animations were created and televised on NTV. The Ministry of Health promotion department also included people with disabilities as a key community group to be targeted in their efforts.