Nondo Kenya


Every human has the right to health, and achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and access to quality healthcare is necessary to achieve the overall health goal, as emphasized in the SDG declaration. Persons with disabilities (PWD) face unique challenges accessing healthcare due to their conditions requiring specialists, leading to the attitude that they cannot be treated in normal hospitals. This results in PWD being denied services or traveling long distances to access healthcare that should be available locally. Essential health services are granted in a discriminatory and undignified manner to PWD due to health worker ignorance about their abilities. PWD are forced to answer questions that undermine their rights before accessing essential maternity services.

NONDO is committed to ensuring that Persons with Disabilities live full lives of dignity and thus would take deliberate measures to protect the right of Persons with Disabilities to dignified access to, affordable, quality health care. We shall support the health service system in identifying gaps in health service delivery to Persons with Disabilities and develop a service delivery charter. We shall also engage in advocacy to demand for improvement in health service delivery to Persons with Disabilities.