Nondo Kenya


Fatuma Mohamed


Executive Director

Fatuma Mohamed is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in program management, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the Kenyatta University, as well as additional training in these areas from various entities. She is particularly passionate about promoting disability inclusion in socio-economic and political spheres, and has advanced from programs to her current role as Executive Director of the Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons’ Organization (NONDO).

With her experience and training as an Education Coordinator, program officer, and teacher, Fatuma is well-equipped to advocate for the rights, inclusion, and participation of Persons with Disabilities. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in education enables her to effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders on this issue.

As Executive Director of NONDO, Fatuma oversees the overall management of the organization and leads the team in implementing its strategy. She is responsible for ensuring that programs are effectively implemented and that results are reported to stakeholders. Additionally, she engages with funding providers to secure support for programs.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Fatuma is also passionate about people branding and wellness. This speaks to her broader interest in creating positive change and promoting well-being in her community. Overall, Fatuma is a skilled and dedicated professional who is making a meaningful impact in the field of disability inclusion.

In her free time, she loves nature traveling and exploring, reading, she is an avid journaler and enjoys mentoring others, particularly persons with disabilities.