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Education is an Equalizer, as narrated by Salat Abdi

 My name is Salat Abdi and I am Deaf. Deafness is part of me, it is my identity,

I was born hearing but during my childhood I caught a disease which led to my deafness. I come from a very humble background in a remote area of Wajir County. Born in a family of ten, none is educated apart from my little sister who is in primary school and I. My parents never thought that Deaf person can go to school and learn at all. Until one day one of my uncles who is a teacher came visiting and  he informed my parents of a school for the Deaf in town.

At first my parents were reluctant but later they gave in.I was admitted and my thirst for Education even at that tender age won’t let me cry as my parents left me there alone with strangers. Instead, I settled in and embraced my new family.
My parents have never paid my fees. Thanks to free primary school Education and the scholarship I got through NONDO.

I can never thank them enough. I sat for my KCSE last year and got C although I was expecting a B. Disappointed with my grade, I decided to resit for the exams, but my teachers were against the idea. I want to do Education, so I’ll enrol for a certificate in P1 course, and then slowly climb the ladder of Education.

I thank my teachers both from primary and high school. They encouraged and made a responsible Deaf youth out of me.

I know my disability will never prevent me from achieving major accomplishments in life.
Currently, I am a Volunteer at my former high school as peer educator. I have also applied for a volunteer job at VSO.I pray that I get this opportunity because it will expose me to different environment and diverse experience.
My motivation to work harder to succeed in life, is to see my parents live a better life.

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