Nondo Kenya

Project Name: Covid 19 Rapid Response Grant

Masks Nondo

Project year: 2021-2022.

Projects supported by URGENT ACTION FUND-AFRICA

Project area: Mandera & Kajiado

Project summary

Main Objective; was to increase the participation of women with disabilities in the prevention and contraction of COVID-19 in nomadic and ASAL (arid and semi-arid land) counties

Project outcomes

  • Improved access to information and communication strategies for women with disabilities in nomadic and ASAL (arid and semi-arid land) counties.
  • Distribution 400 pieces of clothing (lessos) with information on COVID-19 prevention to women with disabilities in remote areas, which led to a lack of recorded COVID-19 fatalities among these beneficiaries. Provided one-off food distribution to 400 households of women with disabilities, and supported the diversification of existing businesses owned by women with disabilities.
  • Strengthened advocacy efforts and increased funding for the organization of women with disabilities.