Thematic Areas


Scholarships: Provision of scholarship to 45 high school and 6 university students: education is the biggest equalizer for PWDs. It gives children from poor backgrounds a fighting chance in life. These scholarship opportunities have been provided with support from partners such as the Hass Foundation, KCDF, League of Young Professionals (LYP) and Gulf Bank Foundation, with the latter provided support to most of the students.

Advocacy for Inclusive education: The organization successfully advocated for the integration of students at the Garissa School for the Mentally Handicapped. The school was thus changed to Nomadic Integrated Primary School. Incluisve education is the only way to fight stigma and labeling among children with disabilities. Read More


Governance has been the anchor thematic pillar of NONDO. The organisation advocates for the inclusion of PWDs from nomadic communities in all aspects of governance – public participation, representation in offices, electoral processes, among others. The following have been the milestones of this sphere:

Establishment of the first nomadic MCAs Caucus on disability. The caucus was established primarily to mainstream disability in the Kenyan devolved system of governance. Out of this pillar, there has been success stories in Turkana, Wajir and Kajiado, counties that have enacted disability laws and are targeting to implement them.

Legal litigation in two nomadic counties for not employing PWDs in line with the 5% constitutional threshold. The ruling raised the profile of pwds from the region and over 100s of them got employment and promotions since. Read More


Health has been a recurring and pervasive challenge for many PWDs from nomadic communities. Many PWDs require assistive devices in their activities of daily living. This challenge is more pronounced among persons with spinal injuries, persons with albinism, other forms of physical disability, among others. NONDO has registered the following tangible milestones under this thematic area, such as: Read More