NONDO Resource Centre

On 18th May 2019, NONDO opened as a Resource Centre for disability knowledge, research and capacity building in Kenya. We believe knowledge is a powerful tool for social transformation.

Our strategies;

  1. To undertake research on the specific context of nomadic persons with disabilities.
  2. Train disabled persons organizations (DPOs), counties and other institutions on the rights of nomadic persons with disabilities.
  3. Develop publications on the rights of nomadic persons with disabilities.
  4. Deepen collaboration with the academia for research on nomadic persons with disabilities.

NONDO is the first disabled persons organization that exclusively advocates for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities from nomadic communities in all spheres of life. 


(A) High level conference in partnership with MUA and other stakeholders - December 2019                   (B) Courses on disability mainstreaming - December 2019

Opening of NONDO's Resource Centre in Photos....