Glamour, dance during Isiolo fashion show for the disabled. There was glamour during a fashion show featuring disabled women from different parts of the country on Friday night at the Sarova Shaba Lodge in Isiolo

Date 13 Oct 2018

The Standard Group, under the flagship of KTN News has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons’ Organization (NONDO) for the 7th edition of The Desert Wheel Race.

Date 28 July 2018


Litigation for equal Job placement . Northern Nomadic Disabled Person's Organization (Nondo) v Governor County Government of Garissa & another [2013] eKLR. In the Hight Court of Kenya, Garissa.

Date 16 December 2013


Persons with Disabilities showcase beauty at glamorous pageant – PHOTOS. here was pomp and fanfare as women living with disabilities drawn from different parts of the country showcased their beauty at a glamorous event

Date 13 October 2018


BBC News Wheel Chair Race. The Desert Wheel Race is the main flagship event of NONDO that aims to influence and shape an inclusive society devoid of discrimination and with respect for human rights.

Date 2018


TALES OF COURAGE: How a tragic accident led me to my destiny. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That’s the famous Murphy’s Law. But in my world when I was 28 years old, everything was going to go right.

Date 17 June 2017


A Book, Behind the Wheels; Transforming the Narrative.

"The man from Kutulo in Mandera County takes a voyage into the world of disability with a surgeon’s precision battling common fallacies associated with disability and societal distortion and perceptions and emerging issues in the management of disability. He seeks to deconstruct the common distortions that people with disability have impaired professional competencies, have lost the ability to function as productive members of society, are helpless and in need of hand outs and that children with disabilities are a blemish on the family and society". Inspiring tale of disability and the long road to acceptance, Friday June 23 2017.

Opinion contributor with Kenya's leading newspaper, Daily Nation

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