The Desert Wheel Race

The Desert Wheel Race is the main flagship event of NONDO that aims to influence and shape an inclusive society devoid of discrimination and with respect for human rights.


(i) To raise funds to support 35 children with disability from 7 Northern Kenya counties to get full high school scholarships.

(ii) To advocate for inclusive lives, homes, services and amenities for children with disabilities.

(iii) To promote peace and integration in Northern Kenya.

(iv) To promote tourism in Northern Kenya.


The Desert Wheel Race 2014 edition was officially launched on 16th June 2014 in a colorful event at the Stanley Hotel, in present was the chairman of the National Council for people with disabilities Dr David Ole Sankok, CBM country coordinator Mr David Munyendo, Hon.Bishop Mutemi, Executive director for NONDO Mr Hassan Harun among others. This year's objective is to raise funds for 35 children with disabilities to access scholarships for secondary education.

Children with disability find it twice as hard to access education as compared to children without disability. Their situation is more compounded in nomadic communities of Northern Kenya where culturally, disability is considered a curse and a bad omen. They also grapple with stigma; labeling and stereotyping that shatter their self-esteem and confidence. These challenges deny them the opportunity to grow in dignity and realize their dreams. Unskilled, uneducated and forgotten, they resign to fate and poverty later in adult life.

The event, now in its 3rd year, draws hundreds of participants and attendees to the scenic plains of Isiolo County and features a 1.5km wheelchair race and a 5km tricycle race. 35 parathletes from all 7 counties in Northern Kenya will come together to race and advocate for access to education for children with disabilities from the region.

William Ekai, winner of Desert Wheel Race 2014 edition holding his trophy;

looking on is Hon. Guled Mohamed, Deputy Governor Isiolo County.

The chairman National Council for Persons With Disability, Dr. Ole Sankok flagging off the race

Participants of the Desert Wheel Race

Abdi Wario, winner of the 2012 Desert Wheel Race held in Isiolo County