6th Edition of The Desert Wheel Race - Updates.

Theme Racing for peace and unity.
Place Kajiado County
Dates 13th, 14th and 15th July, 2017
Participating Participating counties; this year the target is all 47 counties.

Each county at most five Racers –both genders.

Build-up activities Peace Caravan (roadshow) supported by Coca-Cola; Flag off; Ngong-Kiserian-Rongai-Langat Road-Mombasa Road-Molongo-Kitengela-Isinya-Kajiado. In the Truck will be 6 persons with disabilities drawn from different participating counties who acquired disabilities through conflicts and other atrocities to share the life experiences. 
  13th July.One Day Peace Conference. Theme Peace building, national cohesion and integrations. It will bring together National and County governments, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), development partners, Persons with disabilities, among other stakeholders to raise awareness and promote inclusion of PWDs in peace processes in the Country.
  4th of July. 3. The Race Day. 18KM with fanfare wheelchair race of 50 meters and 5KM fanfare. Fanfare race is for everyone with or without disabilities.