The Desert Wheel Race

The Desert Wheel Race is a patented and branded annual flagship event of NONDO that was first started in Isiolo County in the year 2012.

Over the years, The Desert Wheel Race has grown in leap and bounds to include participants from more than 22 Counties.  In 2013, participants from 5 Counties participated in the 2nd Edition of The Desert Wheel Race. In 2014 participants from 7 Counties participated in the 3rd Edition. In 2015 the 4th Edition, Desert Wheel Race attracted participants from 12 Counties. In 2016 the 5th Edition of the Desert Wheel Chair Race attracted participants from 17 Counties. And in its 6th edition in 2017 23 counties participated.

The 7th Edition of the Desert Wheel Race, attracted participants from over 30 counties. Over the years the event was used to create awareness on the challenges faced by children with disability and advocate for their inclusion in the education system as well as in other facets of life. In the 7th Edition, 2018, the theme of the was about devolution and disabilities in the context of the Kenyan government`s The Big Four Agenda (Housing, Manufacturing, Health and Food Security), SDGs and as well as the Global disability summit. This led to Isiolo Declaration of how best to involve disabled persons and disability agendas in issues of national priorities.