Donate to NONDO

NONDO is a unique nongovernmental, nonprofit organization, all dedicated to solving the complex challenges facing people with disabilities in Kenya`s nomadic regions.  Whether we are distributing assistive devices, doing advocacy work for the PWDs or finding new approaches to give PWDs a say, NONDO members are working to build a better future for Kenya`s pastoralists with disabilities.

Our organization: Fully meets some of the strictest donors` fiscal accountability, governance, and programmatic impact in our work. Have a track-record of introducing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Partners with Government and Private institutions and share best practices for maximum efficiency and top results. A one-time or recurring donation to NONDO helps us support very important undertakings.

Don’t want to give online? There are other ways to give too. Want to learn more about our commitment to low administrative costs? Request more information by sending email to