Strategic Plan

NONDO has adopted a new strategic strategic plan on advocacy for the next three years (2014 - 2017). Following the B.O.D's decision, the following are the strategic objectives for the new plan; 

Strategic Objectives

(i) To strengthen NONDO as a strong, credible and reputable organisation

(ii) To increase the Level of awareness, advocacy and visibility of the disability agenda in Northern Kenya

(iii) To Increase the level of recognition, inclusion and participation of PWDs in all aspects of the society

(iv) To build a strong learning, collaboration and engagement culture with other stakeholders

Chairman's Remarks

Hussein H. Borle

Every outstanding achievement, goes the saying, was once considered impossible. When NONDO was formed three years ago, the challenges on the way were as many as the opportunities were. We were carrying the hopes of many forgotten people (persons with disabilities) from a very vast region. We knew that if we boldly embraced the challenge and set our eyes on the vision, these challenges would slowly be surmounted. We have covered a lot of ground within a very short time.

A child, goes the African saying, belongs to the society. NONDO was embraced by communities from Northern Kenya and indeed the country right from its inception. Persons with disability from the region are slowly being accepted.

Thanks to our efforts (and with support from our partners) many of them are running income generating projects, have gotten scholarships and health services that they could only dream of. Others are serving in senior places in county governments.

The Strategic Plan 2014-2017 is another bold stride that we are making. We have a new inspirational vision: “A society where persons with disability have a voice and space to participate and live dignified lives.” The Board, being the vision carrier, will provide strategic direction so that NONDO’s interventions are hinged on this vision.

This new trajectory that NONDO has taken will depend on the strategic partnerships that the organisation will forge. We cannot do it alone. We call upon communities, donors and other CSOs, the private sector, faith-based organisations and the media to work with us in our noble mission. As the Chairman of the Board, I will ensure that the organisation is accountable to its stakeholders and adheres to best practices of corporate governance.

We see ourselves as active participants in development. We will continue to incessantly advocate for the inclusion of PWDs from Northern Kenya and indeed the country in development processes. This way, NONDO, as a CSO, will play its role in the realisation of Vision 2030, Kenya’s development blueprint and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). At the end of this strategic plan, we want to look back and see the trajectory that we have covered as well as the impact that we will have delivered to our constituency.

Executive Director’s Remarks

Harun M. Hassan

From the start, the visionary and gallant team behind NONDO visualized a strong organisation that would fulfill its mandate of empowering a constituency – persons with disability - that had been excluded and marginalized from the society. Our learning curve, therefore, was (and had to be) undeniably steep. We built systems, structures and policies to guide the organisation in its trajectory of growth. This, we did, in our pioneering phase of growth, a rarity in the sector in that stage. Our efforts have been rewarded by the profound endorsement of the organisation by PWDs from Northern Kenya and across the country, county and national government, other stakeholders in the development sector, the private sector among others.

In this strategic plan, we set an even higher bar for ourselves. The challenges bedeviling our members are immense and can only be surmounted by a strong, focused and strong organisation. All our interventions are hinged on advocacy, our overarching approach. This strategic direction is informed by what we are convinced is our role in fostering and advocating for the inclusion of PWDs in all facets of development. Kenya has a new Constitution that puts social and economic rights at a strong pedestal. The country now has county governments that are devolving power and resources from the national government. We have a role to play in crafting this dispensation.

NONDO sits on a strong foundation. It has selfless and visionary Board. It has a committed secretariat. It is also reinforced by a strong support network from other players in the sector, donors, the private sector and the government. As we implement this strategic plan, NONDO will be banking on their support and encouragement. We shall also be bolstering our support base to realize the high targets we have set for ourselves. Importantly, we shall continue to improve our systems, policies and structures as we seek to build an even stronger organisation. This will be hinged on governance, accountability, sustainability and systematic organisational development.

We want to look back when this strategic plan will expire and prove, yet again, that we remain true to our mantra and creed: we were able to do things differently.


 NONDO B.O.D members during strategic planning meeting.

NONDO BOD members in a strategy retreat.