Advocacy as our Model of Change

At the heart of NONDO’s theory of change is its advocacy model. We believe that when persons with disability in this region, and the world at large, have a voice and space to participate, they live meaningful lives and the society is progressive. Some of the approaches that NONDO utilise include; inclusive sports, media engagement and litigation (legal processes).

To realize this vision NONDO will depend on the strategic partnerships that the organisation will forge. We cannot do it alone. We call upon communities, donors and other CSOs, the private sector, faith-based organisations and the media to work with us in this mission. 

Sustainable Development Goals have recognised disability. There are specific goals that directly mention PWDs. As NONDO, we see our role as cascading these global aspirations (SDGs) for equality as well national and regional policy priorities – such as Big 4 Agenda, Vision 2030, Agenda 2063, among others – to the grassroots.