Our Core Values include Respect, Non-Discrimination - gender, faith and creed, age and race. Also Accountability, Integrity and Innovativeness.

Key Milestones:

(i) Undertaking advocacy work targeting West Pokot, Isiolo, Tana River, Mandera, Marsabit, Samburu, Turkana, Kajiado, Lamu, Garissa and Wajir Counties. 

(ii) Building a network of grassroots DPO partners (161 with membership of about 1000) including orgnisations of parents of children with disabilities across the counties of its operation.  

(iii) Building a strong flagship advocacy and integration brand known as the Desert Wheel Race; patented brand and started in 2012 and currently the biggest disability sporting derby in East Africa.

(iv) Providing scholarships to over 50 students in high school and universities with mentorship and career guidance programme while strongly advocating for inclusive education; through this Garissa School for Mentally Handicapped as renamed as Nomadic Integrated Primary. School.

(v) Publishing a bankable advocacy framework of engagement known as the ‘Isiolo Declaration’. In 2018 its about Post Global Disability Summit and Kenya`s Big 4 Agenda, a national priority blueprint.

(vi) The Desert Fashion Gala, the unique patented brand -building a beauty pageant and fashion show brand that repositions the attitude of the public towards women and girls with disabilities, while highlighting challenges of women with disabilities in nomadic setup.

(vii) Distributed over 2,000 assistive devices and undertaken 17 corrective surgery operations targeting children with disabilities from five nomadic counties in the last six years.

(viii) Midwife the formation of the first Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) with disabilities from 14 nomadic counties. This Caucus is aimed at mainstreaming disability in Kenya’s devolved system of governance. And NONDO offers technical and Secretariat services.

(ix) Being nominated as voting member of The World Disability Union (WDU), the respected premier disability organization headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

(x) Recognized as a critical disability stakeholder by Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC) an economic bloc of counties of arid and semi-arid counties of Kenya.

(xi) Partnered with Institutions of Higher Learning to build knowledge, capacity development of DPOs and organisations on the rights of PWDs.