Peace and Governance

Governance has been the anchor thematic pillar of NONDO. The organisation advocates for the inclusion of PWDs from nomadic communities in all aspects of governance – public participation, representation in offices, electoral processes, among others. The following have been the milestones of this sphere:

(a)       Establishment of the first nomadic MCAs Caucus on disability. The caucus was established primarily to mainstream disability in the Kenyan devolved system of governance. Out of this pillar, there has been success stories in Turkana, Wajir and Kajiado, counties that have enacted disability laws and are targeting to implement them.  

(b)            Legal litigation in two nomadic counties for not employing PWDs in line with the 5% constitutional threshold. The ruling raised the profile of pwds from the region and over 100s of them got employment and promotions since.

(c)              Preparation of the shadow report on the status of Kenya’s compliance with UNCRPD.

(d)            The organization challenged the Judiciary on the accessibility of Garissa High Court for PWDs. The Judiciary has since acted and made court the accessible. NONDO now is a member of Court-Users-Committee of Garissa High Court.

(e)             NONDO actively participated in the discussions of post 2015 global development agenda that lead to culminations of SDGs.

(f)              Conducted Detailed Baseline Survey for Pwds in Mandera County and supported the county with implementation framework.