(a)      Scholarships: Provision of scholarship to 45 high school and 6 university students: education is the biggest equalizer for PWDs. It gives children from poor backgrounds a fighting chance in life. These scholarship opportunities have been provided with support from partners such as the Hass Foundation, KCDF, League of Young Professionals (LYP) and Gulf Bank Foundation, with the latter provided support to most of the students. 

(b)      Advocacy for Inclusive education: The organization successfully advocated for the integration of students at the Garissa School for the Mentally Handicapped. The school was thus changed to Nomadic Integrated Primary School. Incluisve education is the only way to fight stigma and labeling among children with disabilities.

 (c)      Representation at Boards: NONDO sits in the Boards of several schools and vocational training institute. With this, the organisation is able to push the disability agenda specifically inclusive education and access to bursaries/scholarships for CWDs. 

 (d)      Mentorship and Career Guidance Opportunities: The organization has over the years provided mentorship and career guidance clinics in various schools, targeting children with disabilities.

Collaboration with the Academia: NONDO has an MoU with the Management University of Africa (MUA) for opportunities for PWDs in industrial attachment, internship and community services. The two parties also partner on research on disabilities. As a result of this, MUA played a pivotal role in crafting the content of the NONDO’s 6th National Disabiity Conference,2018 and drafig of the conference’s out come document dubbed ‘The Isiolo Declaration 2018”.