Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights and County Governments: Emerging Jurisprudence from the Courts By Jill Cottrell Ghai.

A case of NONDO vs Garissa County Government, 2014 - High Court of Garissa. Pg 166.

ANIMATING DEVOLUTION IN KENYA: The Role of the Judiciary - Commentary and analysis on Kenya’s Emerging Devolution Jurisprudence Under the New Constitution. by Conard M. Bosire and Wanjiru Gikonyo.....Read More


NONDO is a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) that advocates for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disability in Kenya. NONDO's thematic areas include Education, Health and Rehabilitation, Governance, Social and Economic Empowerment.

Mission Statement

To advocate for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disability from nomadic communities in all spheres of life. Our Thematic focus; Peace & Governance, Education, Health & Rehabilitation and Socio-Economic Empowerment. Cross-cutting agendas; Women issues, Youth agendas, Old age, environment and child protection.

Our Vision

A Society where PWDs have a voice and space to participate in all aspects of life and live dignified lives.

Advocacy as our Model of Change

At the heart of NONDO’s theory of change is its advocacy model. We believe that when persons with disability in this region, and the world at large, have a voice and space to participate, they live meaningful lives and the society is progressive. Some of the approaches that NONDO utilise include; inclusive sports, media engagement and litigation (legal processes).

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